Five Products Offered by Steel Fabrication Companies in Indiana

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The work of steel fabrication companies in Indiana is not limited to building skyscrapers. We offer much more! While you may require our design and construction services, you can also purchase raw material and manufacturing services. Benchmark Fabricated Steel takes on large and small projects alike, and we are here to serve you. Here are five products and services offer by our firm:

  • Structural components: We have access to good quality structural steel that we can sell as raw material or construction products. Steel components include beams, columns, braces, joists, trusses and rolled shapes. Roof and floor decking is also available if you want to enjoy the benefits of steel throughout your project. This allows us to be a reliable material provider along with other products and services. If you need reliable components for your building project, contact us.
  • Cranes: As they are essential to construction and manufacturing, you need to be able to rely on a durable crane during your project. Our cranes are engineered to high standards and include overhead, underslung, runway and jib cranes. We also provide crane rails to allow for reliable mobility. When you contact our firm for crane services, we are also available to design and install your new system.
  • Metal roofing and siding: Metal roofs may sound undesirable until you learn about their benefits. They are long lasting, well insulated and, despite what you might expect, quiet. You will enjoy full value on your construction project if you start with a metal roof. We also offer metal siding, which offers the same advantages, especially longevity. If you want a structure that lasts, use steel for its frame, but also take advantage of what it offers as an exterior element. There are different textures available if you seek a specific look for your structure.
  • Outdoor safety precautions: Steel works well for outdoor applications because it stands up to corrosion. Guardrails, staircase railing, stairs and caged ladders must all meet regulatory safety precautions, and that cannot happen unless they are durable. You want to avoid liability and keep customers safe as they navigate stairs and decks, and good quality products are the place to start. We make our railings, stairs and other miscellaneous products to high standards so they match your design while performing their essential function. If you require catwalks and mezzanines instead of outdoor stairs and rails, we apply the same design standards so they exceed your expectations in strength and aesthetics. Ornamental iron is also available.
  • Architecturally exposed structural steel: New trends for an “industrial” look produce buildings with exposed elements. Beams, roofing panels and windowpanes, when paired with glass, make a striking presentation in commercial buildings, whether they become office spaces, banks or corporate centers. There are more demands for the architecturally-exposed steel, since it not only needs to perform its function but also offer a unique design element. We work to make this steel durable and attractive.

Benchmark Fabricated Steel is among the elite steel fabrication companies in Indiana. Contact us today to order products or schedule a project consultation.

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