Three Steel Types Used by Steel Fabricators in Indiana

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When you are choosing between steel fabricators in Indiana, your best option is to go with a specialist. There are many types of steel, and they are very distinct from one another. While some firms can create everything from steel railings to skyscrapers, you must be careful that you do not choose someone who cuts costs by using a low-quality material. Here is an explanation of the three types of steel and why it is important to always choose the best materials your budget can absorb:

  • Structural steel: The lifeblood at Benchmark Fabricated Steel is structural steel. We build with it, but also sell it as a raw material. In this industry, there are four types of structural steel, including carbon, high strength low alloys, corrosion resistant low alloy and quench and tempered alloys. Carbon steel becomes decorative shapes, pipe, tubing, and plate, which is useful for several applications. High strength low alloy can do everything that carbon steel can do, except its properties make it ideal for intricate embellishment. Corrosion resistant is popular for outdoor projects, even aerospace items.
  • Material steel: This is the most familiar type of steel because it is frequently used in manufacturing. It is easily shaped and heat-treated, which makes it ideal for consumer products. This includes “pure” or “plain” steels made from iron and carbon as well as steel alloys with copper and titanium. It is very hardy but does not work well for structural applications. Less experienced firms may use material steel for guardrails and other safety elements, and that could leave you vulnerable to a lawsuit. When you are investigating firms for construction projects, ask about the quality of their steel.
  • Tool steel: You will usually not find tool steel at a fabrication firm. It is used primarily for instruments and tools—just as the name suggests. Each tool steel has a rating based on its elements, and that determines its application. Shock resistance, air hardening and other factors determine whether tool steel will be used as a cutting or pressure implement. This is a very specialized sector, since tool steel preferences vary by industry and compliance standards also determine its use. While many construction tools and office supplies may contain tool steel, you are not likely to find it at one of our construction sites.

Advantages to steel include its known durability, but also fire resistance and mold. Steel buildings often have superior indoor air quality, too, which is why they are popular as commercial sites. As its advantages are known, steel continues to grow as a popular construction material. For miscellaneous products like railings, staircases and enclosures, it offers additional safety since failure is rare. Ornamental steel products stand up to weather and remain beautiful no matter the season. That is why we offer full-service fabrication on many products both large and small.

The expert steel fabricators in Indiana at Benchmark Fabricated Steel provide building material and products throughout the state. If you want expert service and good design, call us today to get started.

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