An Expert in Steel Construction in Indiana Explains the Girder-Slab System

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The Girder-Slab system is a type of structural system that utilizes a combination of pre-cast concrete and structural-grade steel to build the framework for mid- to high-rise residential buildings. The system allows construction companies to complete a project in a manner that is far less time-consuming and far more efficient than traditional structural construction methods. Find out more about the Girder-Slab system and take advantage of this impressive method of structural construction for residential buildings from a company specializing in steel construction in Indiana.

How the Girder-Slab system works

The core of a Girder-Slab system is a large steel beam called an open-web dissymmetric beam, or D-beam girder. This girder appears in a shape that is similar to an upside-down T, with a large flange (usually measuring about 10 inches) on the bottom and a small flange (about 3 inches in width) on top. The girder is designed to support the concrete slabs that are necessary for the structural demands of a residential construction project. This pre-fabricated steel system is easy to implement and even has a design guide that details the specific engineering information that is needed for the project. The beams are cut in a saw-tooth pattern at a depth of 8 inches minimum, which accommodates the concrete slabs that will be laid in.

The steel beams can be fabricated by a company specializing in steel construction in Indiana and then transported to the job site efficiently. Because they are pre-fabricated, it is much easier to ensure that the correct quantity is brought to the construction site. Once they arrive at the site, assembly is straightforward. With the steel beams in place, the next step is to bring in the concrete slabs. These slabs are set in so that they rest on the wider bottom flanges. Because of the 3-inch top flange, the concrete slabs are automatically centered when they are set in, which makes the install even simpler. Once everything is in place, grout is poured in to set the slabs and reinforce the structure.

Benefits of using Girder-Slab

There are several reasons why construction companies have decided to begin implementing the Girder-Slab system. For one thing, the pre-fabrication of the steel girder beams and the concrete slabs makes assembly and construction a much more straightforward process. In addition, the structure is fire resistant and it can also withstand the elements thanks to its durability and design.

Learn more about outstanding steel construction in Indiana

With all of the benefits of utilizing the Girder-Slab system, what’s stopping you from trying out this method for yourself? If you want to find out more about the system or how you can implement it in your next construction project, Benchmark Fabricated Steel can help you out. We offer Girder-Slab beams that you can utilize for residential construction to minimize time and energy spent on the project and maximize convenience and efficiency. Contact us today to find out more about all of the products and services that we offer and to get a free estimate for our services.

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