Should You Always Choose the Lowest Bid for Structural Steel Construction in Indiana?

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Anyone with any type of experience in the real world knows that sometimes the expression “you get what you pay for” is true––and sometimes it is excruciatingly true.

With any purchase, obviously price is going to be one of your biggest factors, if not the biggest, in your final decision—however, what you should be after is not the best price but, instead, the best value!

That is to say, which option for structural steel construction in Indiana offers you the optimum combination of both quality of product and cost of product? In short, you don’t want to save a bunch of money and end up with a shoddily constructed structure that constantly needs repair and can’t easily grow with your company the way you envisioned.

In this post, we’ll highlight some of the risks you run when you make your decision primarily off of the lowest bid, and we’ll also offer some suggestions about how to save money without cutting corners.

Risks of accepting the lowest bid

The biggest risk of accepting the lowest bid is that the company itself has to be saving money somewhere to pass along those savings to you. If a company is offering you a price below market value, odds are they’re saving money in one of these ways:

  • Low-quality product: Inferior steel doesn’t hold up to time, stress or heat nearly as well as top-quality steel. But using an inferior product is a great way to save money.
  • Low-quality employees: Structural steel companies compete with each other to hire the best employees with the greatest experience. Working with the best costs a little more money on the front end, but their expertise helps solve so many problems before they happen that it ends up being well worth the cost in the end.
  • Lack of personal touch: Low or nonexistent profit margins means your steel company won’t be able to “waste” time attending to your needs––they need to work, work, work not to lose money. If it turns out, after they’ve started construction, that they haven’t understood something about what you wanted, they may not be able to change gears and fix their mistake, leaving you with tough concessions to make.
  • Risk of cutting corners: Cheap companies are more likely to be unlicensed, uninsured and use a rotating cast of contractors rather than work with professionals they know and trust. All in all, these factors can have a compounded negative effect on the quality of your structural steel construction in Indiana.

When you choose the right structural steel construction company, you can save money without cutting corners. Here at Benchmark Fabricated Steel, we accomplish this goal by gaining a deep understanding of your project, and then working together with you to generate different options for your project at different price levels. We make it easy to understand what is gained with each step up, and help you make a logical, informed decision for your project that both fulfills your needs and fits your price range. This is why we’re one of the most respected providers of structural steel construction in Indiana, and why we’ve thrived in the area since 1971, helping businesses like yours get projects done right the first time. Get in touch with us today to learn more about what we can offer your project.

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