What Is an AISC Certified Fabricator?

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When it comes to steel fabricators, how can you tell the professionals from the amateurs? In the industry of steel construction in Indiana, a top indicator is AISC certification. If a company is an American Institute of Steel Construction certified fabricator, they are an industry leader worthy of your business.

Since many people are likely unfamiliar with this certification, let’s review some common FAQs.

What is the AISC?

The American Institute of Steel Construction (AISC) serves the structural steel design community and construction industry across the nation. Established in 1921, it is a non-partisan, not-for-profit trade association and technical institute. This organization’s mission is to lead the industry in code development, standardization, technical assistance, quality certification and market development.

What are AISC certification programs?

AISC certification programs are the most recognized national quality certification programs in steel construction in Indiana and the entire country. Programs focus on the entire fabrication process. The goal of the programs is to guide quality construction through error prevention.

What are the requirements to be AISC certified?

To become an American Institute of Steel Construction certified fabricator, a business must first complete the application process. This takes at least six to seven months. The process starts with an application form. The AISC then reviews the completed form and requests the completion of an extended application, submission of additional documents and payment of a fee. Once these are submitted, the AISC performs an eligibility review.

If the candidate passes this review, they undergo an in-depth documentation audit. After successfully completing this audit, the business is subject to a site audit. If any deficiencies are found during the site audit, the candidate must correct the issues, and these are reviewed again by the AISC after they are resolved. Once all reviews are complete and standards are met, the AISC will determine certificate approval.

What are the benefits of being AISC certified?

AISC certification is more than meeting inspection requirements. This certification process examines and maintains a company’s quality management systems as a whole. AISC certification forces a company to continually review and improve its procedures. The program creates systems that increase productivity, reduce unnecessary costs and ensure quality processes. From company goals to employee training to product delivery, the entire system is held to the highest standards.

In addition to certification, the AISC offers business-enhancing resources to its members. Activities and programs include technical resources, continuing education, technical assistance, safety programs and networking opportunities. These resources allow companies affiliated with the AISC to grow into stronger businesses that can better serve their clients.

How do I know if a company is AISC certified?

If you are seeking an AISC certified fabricator for steel construction in Indiana, look no further than Benchmark Fabricated Steel. As your trusted professionals, we adhere to AISC certification standards to deliver the highest quality services and products. To confirm certification for any steel professionals, consumers can use the AISC site to find a certified company.

The AISC sets a standard that clients can trust. When you need quality steel construction in Indiana, contact the AISC certified fabricators at Benchmark Fabricated Steel. Reach out to us today to learn more about what we can offer you.

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