Five Benefits of Metal Stairs

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Stairs are an integral part of every home or commercial building. For starters, they offer a functional way to travel from floor to floor. But stairs can be so much more than that. Expertly designed steel stairs can make a home look modern, industrial or luxurious depending on the style. Metal stairs provide a unique appearance that can easily blend in with a multitude of different architectural designs, from the ultra-contemporary found in many homes and public buildings to the classic shabby chic. The wide variety of different handrail options, treads and other style elements makes steel stairs a favorite of homeowners, designers and metal fabricators in Indiana. Best of all, they will last for years with minimal maintenance.

In case you’re not convinced, here are five benefits of metal stairs:

  • Versatile: Metal stairs are the best option whether you’re looking for a straight, spiral or curved staircase. Metal stairs give you the freedom to have complete design control. Different railings or treads can easily be custom crafted to fit the look you are hoping to achieve. You don’t have to worry about space constraints, either, as metal stairs can be custom built to fit into the tightest corner of a small studio apartment.
  • Simple installation: Installing a wooden staircase is a tedious process requiring the expertise of an experienced professional installation specialist. That’s not the case with metal stairs. Their flexibility makes them incredibly easy to install alone or with the help of a metal fabricators in Indiana. Once they are installed, the stairs are immediately ready to use, as any color or design options have already been added during the steel fabrication process. This means construction costs are significantly lower than for traditional staircases.
  • Durable: Metal staircases don’t show the signs of wear and tear like carpeted or concrete stairs. The metal will look fresh and maintain its initial sheen for decades to come. Their durability makes them the perfect choice for outside spaces, as the metal can withstand wet weather, wind and cold.
  • Financially smart: Metal stairs are the most economical option you could choose when compared to other staircase options. Advances in steel fabrication techniques make the material one of the most economic building materials for manufacturers to create and consumers to purchase. Additionally, fabricated steel is built to last with only basic maintenance. You’ll save money just by never having to pay for repairs, replacement parts or a new coat of paint. Metal stairs are an investment that will continue to pay off for years to come.
  • Quick process: Meet your project deadline by opting for metal stairs. The steel fabrication process and installation is significantly faster than other stair choices. The metal sections will arrive in prefabricated in manageable pieces to then be erected into your new staircase. This all takes place in a matter of hours.

At Benchmark Fabricated Steel, we’re ready to design, manufacture, deliver and install your new metal stairs. Our team of professionals will help you create a custom staircase using specialty steel products in Indiana. Call us today to learn more!

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