Specialty Steel Products in Indiana: Benefits of Insulated Metal Roofing Panels

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What materials are you using for your next roofing project? Have you researched all your options? Some builders overlook specialty steel products in Indiana as they review their choices. One of these top specialty products is insulated metal panels. These lightweight composite panels are designed for roofs and walls and feature metal skins with an insulating foam core.

Why would you want to use insulated metal roofing panels for your roof? Well, they offer a wide range of advantages over other materials. Following are the top 10 benefits of this product:

  • They’re green: No, not the color. The design of these panels makes them energy efficient. They contain a urethane core that offers the highest thermal value available commercially. This quality reduces energy usage and the costs of owning the property for the life of the building.
  • They’re easy to install: Insulated metal panels offer a concealed fastener system that makes their installation simple. Their resilient nature also makes it possible to install them in most weather conditions.
  • They’re versatile: These panels are available in a variety of colors, profiles and widths. They can be used for horizontal or vertical installation. Their versatility makes it easy to create the roof design that is ideal for your setting and style.
  • They last: Insulated metal panels are made of the best materials, so they age well and offer great longevity. Their projected life could span more than five decades. Your roof will stand the test of time with these panels installed.
  • They’re strong: Insulated metal panels provide a strong water, air and thermal barrier. Their strength and durability are unparalleled among roofing products.
  • They’re fire resistant: These specialty steel products in Indiana offer fire-resistant characteristics. Some have achieved three-hour fire-resistance ratings.
  • They’re low maintenance: Insulated metal panels offer long lifespans that require little maintenance. This makes them a top choice to create a low-maintenance roof for your structure.
  • They’re recycled: In addition to saving energy costs once installed, insulated metal panels are also environmentally friendly due to their recycled nature. Some are made of more than 75 percent recycled steel.
  • They’re quick: Easy installation makes your roofing project faster. Offering single-step installation, insulated metal panels can reduce construction time to both lower costs and allow quicker occupancy for new projects.
  • They’re cost effective: With reduced construction time, reduced cost, reduced energy use and reduced maintenance, insulated metal panels are extremely cost effective. They offer a great ROI for any roofing project.

Do you have a roofing project on your calendar? If so, consider the benefits of insulated metal panels. With so many advantages, they are hard to beat. If you are still unsure if this is the best solution for your project, consult the experts. Contact the team at Benchmark Fabricated Steel with any questions about these specialty steel products in Indiana. We can answer all your inquiries about insulated metal panels or any other steel options you are considering. We look forward to partnering with you to make your next roofing project a success.

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