The Advantages of Structural Steel Construction in Indiana

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While you might associate structural steel frame construction with skyscrapers and massive garages or agricultural buildings, the truth is that structural steel construction is extremely versatile. In fact, there are many reasons why it is an extremely attractive building option for a wide variety of products, including its affordability, the durability it provides buildings and the sustainability it offers a construction site.

Here are just a few of the main benefits that make structural steel construction in Indiana a worthwhile option for all builders in the state to investigate.

Faster project completion

These days, building clients want their projects to be done on tighter deadlines than ever before, while still being able to stay on budget. With other types of materials, the fast-tracked nature of the construction industry these days can make matters quite difficult. With the addition of steel, this concern goes completely out the window.

Steel parts are pre-fabricated and then shipped out in a ready-to-erect format, which significantly cuts down on construction time. As a result, builders are able to complete some very large-scale projects in mere weeks.

Because parts are already pre-cut and ready to assemble, project managers are able to focus on other important issues related to the construction process. With no measuring or cutting being done on site, there’s much less room for human error, and builders won’t have to go back and rebuild or re-cut components.

Financial savings

Most of the money you’ll save with structural steel construction comes from the decreased construction time. However, steel can also be recycled, which means you won’t have to pay fees to dump as much construction waste in landfills.

The durability of steel also means it requires significantly less maintenance than other types of building materials, so less money has to be spent on a single building in the long run when it is designed and constructed with steel materials.

Finally, the constant innovation in the steel industry has made steel prices lower than they’ve been in decades. These savings are passed on in turn to the consumer, who gets more bang for their buck now with steel than other types of building materials.

Outstanding versatility

Steel is the most versatile building material you’ll find in the construction industry. It can be molded into just about any shape, it can come in designs that resemble other types of materials (especially useful for steel roofing and paneling) and it can be used in a tremendous variety of different types of projects.

Consider this versatility of steel combined with its natural durability, and suddenly you have projects that benefit from extra durability they might not have otherwise had.

These are just a few of the biggest benefits of structural steel construction in Indiana. Whether you are the owner of a commercial or industrial property preparing to develop a new building or revamping an old one, you would do well to consider using steel as a primary construction material in your project. To learn more about the benefits, please contact Benchmark Fabricated Steel today.

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