Answers to Your Frequently-Asked Questions About Steel Fabrication in Indiana

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In today’s world, steel is everywhere. We use stainless steel appliances, use products manufactured using steel machines and walk through buildings constructed of structural steel. Despite the prevalence of this material, the concept of steel and how it is made into the many forms we find it in can be confusing.

As a full-service steel contractor that offers steel fabrication in Indiana, Benchmark Fabricated Steel is well equipped to help clarify some of the more confusing aspects of the process. Read on to learn about steel fabrication and have some of your most commonly asked questions answered.

What is steel fabrication?

The term “steel fabrication” refers to the process of using multiple different techniques to manipulate steel into a particular shape. This process may include cutting, bending and assembling multiple pieces of steel for use in a variety of different industry applications.

What is steel made of?

Steel is an alloy, meaning it is made up of two or more different metal components. The two major components of steel are iron and carbon. Smaller amounts of sulfur, phosphorus, silicon and oxygen are also added.

To create the alloy for fabrication, some companies will mix together the ingredients and melt them down to develop the alloy, then work to make the metal into the desired shape. Another way is to melt recycled steel in a furnace and add a few other materials to create the steel alloy.

How does the steel fabrication process work?

In order to have steel fabricated, companies desiring steel pieces will work with a steel contractor to engineer a design for their product or building and provide specifications for the steel they need. Then, the steel contractor will get to work, fabricating each piece of steel required for the completed project.

Some companies like Benchmark Fabricated Steel will even go the extra step to deliver and construct the steel project for the client, as well as provide advice and education for the project.

What techniques are used in steel fabrication?

There are a few specific techniques steel fabricators use to cut and manipulate metal into the shapes and sizes necessary for each project.

They may cut steel using powerful drills or lasers, punch out a particular shape using special equipment, drill holes of different depths, weld two pieces of steel together with heat and a binding material or forge pieces via compression to a particular thickness.

What industries does steel fabrication serve?

The steel fabrication industry can serve a vast number of industries with products for new buildings, machines, walkways, ladders, crane systems and so much more.

Benchmark Fabricated Steel has over 45 years of experience in steel fabrication in Indiana. We are a full-service steel contractor that provides steel for commercial, business and corporate applications. No matter what the size of your project, our team will be ready to provide our wide variety of services, including project design, drawings, site construction, product procurement and delivery, engineering and consulting and much more. Call us today for your free estimate and to set up a consultation!

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