What You Should Look for When Hiring a Professional Structural Engineer

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What project is on your calendar? Is steel construction in Indiana in your future? If so, you’ll need a reputable structural engineer to handle your endeavor. This project will be a significant investment of time, money and other resources, so you want to ensure you hire the best engineer possible.

How can this be done? As you consider professional structural engineers, look for the following qualities. If a contractor does not offer these must-haves, find someone else who does.


Look for more than just the number of years they’ve spent in the industry. Does the professional offer experience in the specific type of steel construction in Indiana that you need? What projects have they completed that are similar to yours? Find out what specific expertise they offer with regards to types of materials, structure types and other specialties.


Is the contractor licensed? Ask about their credentials. Have they earned a degree from an accredited university? Have they passed the engineering exam? Ask for proof of licensure to ensure the professional is fully qualified for your project.


It is essential for structural engineers to remain up to date on the latest technology available in the field. 3D technology, modeling and other software applications are an integral part of any engineering project. Don’t hire a contractor who is behind the times or who doesn’t offer the best tools for the job.


Steel construction in Indiana requires a broad scope of knowledge. The engineer should understand the construction process in order to create a buildable design. They should also be familiar with local building codes. Additionally, the engineer must know about various structure types, materials and external influences, such as earthquakes and wind. Don’t hire an engineer that is not well-versed in all of these areas, as they will not be fully equipped to handle the task.


Consider the engineer’s communication. Do they respond quickly to inquiries or concerns? How will they handle communications throughout the project? Do they offer a single point of contact? Before committing to a significant engineering project, you want to know that the contractor offers strong communication to respond effectively to your needs.


Find out what others are saying about the structural engineer. Ask for references. Look for reviews online. Check with the Better Business Bureau and the local Chamber of Commerce. Discover what kind of reputation they have in the industry. If previous clients have had good experiences, you are more likely to have one, too. If you find a lot of bad reviews or the company cannot provide any references, this is a red flag. Take your business elsewhere.

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