Four Effective Ways Your Metal Fabricator Can Save You Money

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Metal fabrication projects can be lifesavers in terms of getting exactly what you need built to your specifications, but that advantage comes with a high cost from the labor, steel and tooling. That being said, working with your metal fabricator on a few things can end up saving you money in the long run.

If you’re planning a project using steel construction in Indiana, read on to learn about four key ways you can lower your bill by working closely with a trusted metal fabricator:

  • Fabrication techniques: You might be used to using one main technique for your projects, but talking through different options with your metal fabricator is useful and can bring big cost savings. Take some time to talk about different processes available for your particular job, and weigh all the benefits and drawbacks. You might find that you can use roll forming, for example, a technique that works well for producing parts with long lengths in large quantities and costs less than other techniques. Instead of doing the same thing every time, think outside the box and see if you can lower costs by trying something new.
  • Engineering services: If you can find a metal fabricator that also has in-house design services, you’ll end up having a better—and less costly—partnership with the company for your projects. Their knowledge of both design and the actual fabrication process means that you could find the most efficient way to produce what you need with fewer materials, and also save money on shipping.
  • Mill-direct supplies: If your metal fabricator can buy supplies directly from the mill, you can end up saving money through their negotiations. Since they have a longer working relationship with the mills, they can get better materials at lower costs than you can, and they can also handle any of the arrangements for shipping and storage. This saves you a hassle and a good amount of cash.
  • Tooling cost amortization: Instead of simply renting tooling, you should find a fabricator who offers cost amortization. This way, you can spread costs over longer periods and reuse the tooling for projects in the future, saving later on.

You’ll need to work with the best steel construction company in Indiana if you want quality final products at a lower price. With that in mind, you ought to reach out to Benchmark Fabricated Steel, which has offered premium metal fabrication services for nearly 50 years. Our exceptional team can assist with everything from project design to product procurement to engineering, meaning that you’ll get what you need without finding yourself pulling your hair out over the details.

Since 1971, Benchmark Fabricated Steel has satisfied our partners because of our commitment to putting together an expert staff and using the highest quality of equipment. We are fully accredited by the AISC and numerous other industry associations, as well as recognized by the local Chamber of Commerce. Call today for more information—we look forward to helping you with your next project!

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