Researching Metal Fabricators in Indiana? Steer Clear of These Red Flags

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No matter the relative complexity of your upcoming project, deciding to hire a company for metal fabrication services is usually the way to go. After all, experienced fabricators possess the skills and own the right equipment to work with a variety of metals, which better ensures your project will enjoy a long life. The materials and labor will cost money, but the cost shouldn’t be your only consideration. You need to select a fabrication partner you can have a healthy relationship with, from planning to project completion, including good communication, unparalleled trust and support.

Many fabrication companies offer more than one option to potential partners, so it’s in your best interest to do your homework before choosing a fabrication partner. The following are a few red flags you should be on the lookout for when researching metal fabricators in Indiana.

Bad reviews

Today, the Internet is the quickest way to find reviews of fabrication companies. Type keywords into your preferred search engine, and sift through their social media pages to see what everyone is saying out them—their services, work ethics, costs, reliability, etc. The Better Business Bureau is a good reputable source of information complete with ratings and postings of any customer complaints.

Read the good comments, but take a good hard look at the negative ones, too. The more bad reviews and comments from past or present clients, the more you should be concerned about the competence of the firm. Once you find a potential partner, ask them for references and set up a meet and greet.

The people are hard to work with

The fabrication partner you choose won’t be a single individual. You’ll probably initially speak with one person from the company, but you have to click with more than just that person. Behind the promise of exceptional work is an entire team of people, from the consultants to designers to other essential employees. For this reason, be sure to lean on your fabrication partner sales representative for information about team members. Ask questions like, “How long do employees tend to stay with the company? What are your company’s core values? If you’ve had an unhappy client, how did you handle the situation?”

Difficulty managing large projects

Pay special attention to the fabrication firm’s work history. Does it appear they are able to handle larger workloads? It usually takes years of experience before a company reaches this level, time that some smaller firms may not have under their belts quite yet. Be absolutely sure that your potential partner can manage a project of your size, or you risk wasted time and money.

A lack of flexibility

The fabrication firm you choose should be professional, innovative and working with the most cutting-edge technology. However, it’s important that you make sure a potential partner is willing to consider options that benefit your needs and goals. Are they going to embrace new techniques and products that can benefit your project?

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