Different Cranes for Different Jobs

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If you’re approaching an upcoming construction project, there are a lot of things that you’ll have to consider. For example, you’ll have to think of the types of cranes for construction in Indiana that will best suit your specific project needs.

Cranes are useful tools that are capable of accomplishing a wide range of tasks. Cranes are used for everything from loading and unloading cargo to constructing skyscrapers. Identifying your needs will allow you to select the best type of crane for your upcoming job.

There is a wide variety of types of construction cranes in Indiana designed to suit a diverse range of construction needs. Because construction needs can vary widely depending on the site, the type of project being built and more, you should turn to an engineering consultant or other construction expert to learn more about the type (or types) of cranes that you should plan to procure for your project.

Here are just some of the many types of cranes and the types of jobs for which they’re best suited:

  • Floating cranes: If you’re building a structure on a riverbank or lakeshore, or if you’re planning to load and unload freight while it’s still in the water, you may want to consider a floating crane. These devices are mounted on large barge-like vessels that provide optimal stability in the water during operation.
  • Harbor cranes: Usually mounted in concrete, harbor cranes are specially designed to load and unload freight from ships, rail cars and other modes of transportation. Harbor cranes are designed for flexibility and heavy load capacities, making them ideal for unloading large, unwieldy freight. If you’re shipping pre-fabricated construction pieces, you may need a harbor crane.
  • Truck-mounted cranes: These mobile cranes are exceptionally versatile, and can be used in a wide range of circumstances. Most truck-mounted cranes rotate 180 degrees and are stabilized using outriggers. It’s possible to drive truck-mounted cranes on the highway, which means that they can be mobilized very quickly. These are ideally suited for emergencies or single-day projects, when the load capacity isn’t that high.
  • Tower cranes: This is the most commonly used type of crane in today’s construction industry. Tower cranes dot the skylines of small towns and big cities alike. They are either fixed in concrete or attached to the sides of a building. They’re generally used to build tall buildings, but are known for their versatility. Tower cranes can lift as much as 20 tons.

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