The Use of Bollards and Bumper Posts

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We’ve all seen them as we navigate through traffic—steel yellow pylons jutting out of the concrete about three feet high. They’re known as bollards, or bumpers, and when it comes to keeping people safe and keeping cars where they belong, safety bollards in Indiana cannot be beaten.

To the average observer, these posts may seem one-note, but thanks to innovations in design and technology, bollards serve several a number of purposes in modern society.

Full-time traffic cop

Perhaps the most important use for bollards and bumper posts in Indiana is their function as traffic stops. A gently bending curve of bollards can direct cars to turn in a parking lot. A strict line of bollards can be as potent as a stop sign. Bollards lined up along a sidewalk can keep errant tires where they belong.

No matter what you need them for, bright yellow posts constructed of solid steel make a point that most drivers won’t want to argue with.

Part-time gate

Thanks to some neat advancements in technology, specially-built bollards can retract into the ground at the flick of a switch. The result is a gate that’s more secure than a traditional arm mechanism. If it just so happens to add a more high-tech air to your building’s entrance, that’s just a bonus.

Not up for anything so “space age”? No problem—portable bumper posts in Indiana can serve a similar purpose to allow for occasional traffic.

Pedestrian-safe space

Create a definite line of demarcation between a driving area and a walking area with a string of safety bollards in Indiana. Steel bollards are exceptionally strong. They’re built to withstand the full force of an oncoming vehicle. As a result, permanent safety bollards go a long way toward making sidewalks virtually free of vehicular danger.

Lighting the path

Modern-day safety bollards can serve a dual purpose. In addition to the myriad safety benefits, lights can now be added to the tops of bumper posts to provide extra light along a path. Not only do these bollards help keep pedestrians safe from criminals at night, but they can also add a visual flair to your property.

Bollards and bumper posts are just the beginning

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