Fireproofing Structural Steel

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One of the key benefits of building with steel, in addition to its tremendous durability, is steel’s inherent fire resistance. Compared to wood’s burning temperature of around 600 degrees Fahrenheit, steel stands up to flames more than four times hotter. Steel doesn’t begin to melt until about 2500 degrees Fahrenheit. And, the marvel of modern technology means that steel can now be treated to withstand flames that burn even hotter.

Now, it’s possible to completely fireproof structural steel in Indiana.

Can your building pass the burn test?

One of the most common tests that inspectors will put a new building through is the fire resistance rating. In most commercial construction projects, any structural steel columns are required to hold up against a two-hour burn. Additional ratings are handed out for those columns that can withstand three- and four-hour fires, as well.

Outsource your fireproofing

Making the choice to have your steel fireproofed can cause a marked improvement in your next structure’s overall safety. That said, it’s also something that even professional contractors shouldn’t undertake lightly. If you want to fireproof structural steel in Indiana, the best choice to make is to have the task outsourced. The process of fireproofing steel involves chemicals and fumes that could pose a health hazard to your crew.

Types of steel fireproofing methods

There are five methods most commonly used when a contractor attempts to fireproof steel:

  • Spray-applied fire-resistive materials (SFRM): The most common type of fireproofing method, SFRM, sees low-density fibers sprayed on to the steel.
  • Intumescent coatings: A painted-on substance, intumescent coatings expand up to 100 times their original density when exposed to extreme heat. This creates a fire-resistant barrier between the steel column and the flames.
  • Flexible blankets: Flexible blankets function exactly like their name suggests. Wrapped around a steel column, flexible blankets are both fireproof and non-toxic.
  • Rigid board fireproofing: Moisture- and fire-resistant rigid boards can be installed alongside your steel columns to create an additional barrier against both fire and water.
  • Concrete: Once immensely popular, the use of concrete as a means to fireproof steel has declined in recent years because it takes up more space than the other four options.

Regardless of what kind of commercial or industrial building you’re constructing, there’s bound to be a method for fireproofing your steel that meets your guidelines and your budget.

The team you can trust

Since 1971, Benchmark Fabricated Steel has worked to keep ourselves on the cutting edge of the construction industry. That’s why we’ve become the most trusted name in steel construction throughout Indiana. We’re proud to promote structural steel fire safety in Indiana, alongside a massive list of other services, including project design, drawings, site construction, product procurement, delivery and much more.

Our entire team of knowledgeable professionals is committed to making your next construction project as smooth as possible. That’s why commercial and industrial clients alike sing the praises of Benchmark Fabricated Steel. When you want the highest quality steel fabrication and erection, there’s no better team to trust than Benchmark Fabricated Steel. We can’t wait to hear from you!

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