What Determines the Timeline for Steel Building Construction?

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There are so many incredible benefits to having your own steel structure constructed. They offer lower long-term maintenance costs. Steel buildings provide fantastic insulation, which lowers energy costs year-round. Structures made of steel also see lower month-over-month insurance costs because they’re naturally resistant to disasters like fires, tornados, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Yes, there are so many reasons to love quality steel structures that it’s only natural to want yours erected as soon as possible. You may need to be patient, however, because building a steel structure is no easy feat. The amount of time it takes depends on several factors.

Here are some questions to keep in mind as you plan out your steel structure timeline in Indiana.

What are you building?

Are you having a home constructed, or are you building a shed out in your backyard? Or is your goal to build a large, commercial or industrial structure for your growing business?

The size of the structure you’re building and the complexity of its overall design will play a massive part in determining the length of time a build will take.

How customized is your building?

A lot of steel construction companies have catalogues or online galleries filled with examples of buildings they have put together several times before. Clients who opt for these builds tend to see an expedited steel structure timeline in Indiana.

If, however, your building goals require changes to the basic design, it’s important to be aware that you will likely experience construction delays. The more changes you make, the more time your project will take to get right.

What’s your budget?

Whether you’re building a steel building or an old-fashioned wood-frame structure, you should realize that your operating budget extends beyond construction costs. Whoever you hire to build your home will also require funds to keep their crew on the job.

It’s relatively simple math: the more people you have on-site, the quicker your project can be built. The smaller the crew, the longer it’ll take.

What time of year is it?

Even if your contractor is running on all cylinders and you’ve decided to go with a small build that requires no changes to the basic design of the structure, you still may experience delays. One of the biggest causes for construction delays (on steel or any other structures) is interference from Mother Nature.

During the rainy spring months or the colder winter months, construction may get called off on account of weather. In these moments, it’s important to understand that a qualified steel contractor will only delay with good reason.

Who is your contractor?

Many variables govern the length of your steel structure timeline in Indiana. Still, none is more critical than the contractor you choose. Throughout Indiana, the number one steel contractor to choose is Benchmark Fabricated Steel.

Since 1971, we’ve established ourselves as the premier service provider for commercial and residential clients in search of high-quality metal and steel structures. If you need it built the right way from beginning to end, count on Benchmark Fabricated Steel. We’re here for you.

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