What Type of Crane Systems Are There?

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As you plan your construction project, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the many types of crane systems. This will help you choose the best option for your application. So, what types of cranes are there in Indiana? Following are the seven most common cranes you can choose from for your next project.

Mobile crane

This type of crane is made of a telescopic boom that is connected to a mobile platform. Operators can raise or lower the boom by controlling cables or cylinders. The platform can be on a truck or can be a wheeled mobile platform. This type of crane offers versatility and is a standard option used frequently for construction projects.

Telescopic crane

This style of crane includes a boom that can extend to different lengths. The crane features tubes that can be extended and retracted to change the boom length. Most other types of cranes include this feature as part of their construction. For example, a mobile crane can also be a telescopic crane.

Tower crane

This type of crane system in Indiana is typically used for the construction of tall buildings. These cranes can stretch up to 285 stories high and offer significant lifting ability. They should be secured to the building if used for tall heights, to avoid potential sway and tipping.

Truck-mounted crane

This type of crane is also referred to as a boom truck or picker truck. They are mounted to a truck, which provides greater mobility for the crane. However, their weight capacity is lower than other types of cranes, rarely exceeding 50 tons.

Rough-terrain crane

This type of crane is ideal for projects that involve uneven terrain. The crane is mounted to an undercarriage that is designed for off-roading conditions. The crane is able to stabilize when hoisting on rough terrain.

Loader crane

This crane design is also known as a folding boom crane. Its sections can be folded to allow the crane to fit in a small space when not in use. It features an articulated arm that is attached to a trailer and is often used for loading equipment.

Overhead crane

Also known as a suspended crane, these types of crane systems in Indiana can handle extremely heavy loads. Due to their capacity, they are often used in factories, shipyards and large manufacturing plants. They feature a hoist which is connected to a trolley that moves along beams.

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