How Reinforced Concrete Protects Against Natural Forces

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In the world of modern construction, two materials reign supreme: steel and concrete. These two powerful ingredients combine to create some of the most breath-taking buildings in the world. A clever architect and designer working in the medium of concrete and steel can truly accomplish wonders. When combined, these two ingredients are unbeatable and come with an enormous variety of practical benefits. Paired steel and concrete are known in the industry as reinforced concrete, and the possible reinforced concrete uses in Indiana are numerous. Read on to learn more about the possibilities!

What is reinforced concrete?

Reinforced concrete was first invented in France in the 1880s by a gardener who was frustrated that his clay pots kept breaking. So, the gardener designed a new kind of pot. This pot was essentially a steel basket with concrete set and dried around it. The result was a building material that kept cracks and breaks to a bare minimum and allowed the gardener (and, afterward, legions of architects) to create bold new designs previously thought unimaginable.

Of course, reinforced concrete brings more to the table than you might think.

Breaks and cracks are inevitable

As tough as you might think concrete is, it is still not unbreakable. In fact, experts will tell you that when you construct any kind of concrete structure, cracks are all but inevitable. When you reinforce your concrete with rebar or fibers, you cut out the possibility of long, dangerous cracks by keeping them small (many as short as just .004 inches).

Fending off water

Just like cracks are inevitable, so too is rain. Again, you might not suspect that concrete would have much to worry about—and so long as the rain stays on the outside of your concrete, you would be mostly correct. After all, a mountain doesn’t fear a thunderstorm, so why should your concrete structure? The reason is that while water doesn’t have a significantly destructive impact on the outside of your building, if it is allowed to seep inside your concrete, you could be looking at severe structural problems before too long.

Fortunately, reinforced concrete tends to keep cracks and breaks so small that not even water can find its way into the cracks.

The windy season

One of the most important reinforced concrete uses in Indiana is its ability to stand up to natural disasters like tornadoes. On its own, concrete is easily chipped and even destroyed when subjected to the high winds and rain associated with a tornado. When reinforced with steel, however, concrete laughs at even the most destructive of storms. Reinforced concrete demonstrates incredible resistance to fire, as well.

The safe, strong choice

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