What Is the Role of a Structural Framing Contractor?

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Have you worked with a structural framing contractor in Indiana before? If not, you might not understand what their role is in the construction process. Construction jobs require professionals of all types, from designers and engineers to builders, plumbers and electricians. A structural framing contractor creates the “skeleton” of a building so the other workers can contribute their unique skills.

Read on to learn more about structural framing contractors and how working with one can benefit your project.

What a structural framing contractor does

As you know, a building needs a foundation before any other work can be done. A structural framing contractor builds the frameset for the foundation, as well as the “bones” of the building. Until the frame is built, it’s difficult for a construction and design crew to see how the plans are developing and how they can be built out. Once the frame is constructed, however, the rest of the construction crew will be able to complete the building project. That makes the structural framing contractor’s role extremely important—meeting deadlines depends on their efficient work.

Building the frame requires contractors to read the plans, measure, cut and assemble the framework and make repairs or adjustments as necessary. As construction continues, the framing contractor may observe the rest of the team and make suggestions for improving the plans, or help solve problems that come up during the build. It’s not unusual for a framing contractor to show up to the site to see how the project is developing. They can also evaluate the frame to ensure it will be able to bear the load and stand up to natural occurrences like tornados, floods, hurricanes and earthquakes.

Structural framing contractors in Indiana aren’t limited to new buildings, either. They also work on residential and commercial additions, such as adding a new garage to your home or extensions to a retail building.

Qualifications and education

Typically, a structural framing contractor will specialize in either residential or commercial and industrial buildings. They can work on their own or with a construction firm, and their schedule revolves around the demands of any given project. Framing contractor qualifications vary by state, but they often require an associate’s degree plus a certificate training program. Some states require contractors to pass a written exam before they can receive their certification.

In addition to educational and training requirements, most framing contractors join trade organizations. These help contractors network, but they also provide valuable opportunities to learn about new technological developments, hard skills and business information. That can be particularly useful for any contractor who functions independently rather than as part of a firm.

If you have a construction project in the works, chances are, you’ll work with a structural framing contractor in Indiana. Whether they’re part of your design-assist, design-build or general contracting team, their role is invaluable.

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