Top Five Advantages of Powder Coating

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If you’re looking for a way to paint your fabricated parts, powder coating may be the way to go. While traditional paint is usually applied in liquid form, the powder coating process uses free-flowing powder that’s applied electrostatically and cured with heat. The resulting finish is flexible, durable and completely customized for your needs. Read on to discover the top five benefits of powder coating and how this process helps your business in Indiana.


When you apply liquid paint to anything, whether it be a part or a complete product, you always need to set aside some time to wait for each coat to dry. Powder coating is a more efficient process because an electromagnetic charge holds the powder to the component—it cures instantly and evenly. Time is money in the manufacturing business. When you use powder coating in your fabrication process, your coating professional in Indiana sprays as much powder as necessary to properly coat your components in one simple step, saving you both time and money.


One of the main benefits of powder coating is that it’s durable. When you use powder coating in fabrication, especially if you’re producing metal parts, you’re able to create a finish that resists scratching, flaking and corrosion. This is due to the curing process. When the powder is applied and cured, it melts and forms a strong chemical chain that gels the paint together. The result is a flexible finish that’s much more forgiving than other paints, which is especially important when you’re manufacturing components that are meant to vibrate and move.

Budget friendly

Using powder coating in fabrication doesn’t just save you time and money during the curing process—it’s also a cheaper material to use from the beginning. The powder is cheaper than traditional wet paint alternatives. You can purchase the exact materials you need for your job, reducing waste.


Need to put a custom, colorful finish on your manufactured parts and components? The powder coating method of painting makes it easy to completely customize the color and finish you put on your products. Your powder coating professional is able to create a unique powder that can match any color and finish, from matte to high gloss. You’re even able to specify your desired texture—if you want the finished product to be glittery, wrinkled or gritty, powder coating is your best painting option.

Eco friendly

The powder coating process is much safer for the environment when compared with other painting methods. There are no solvents used in powder coating, and no harmful vapors or chemicals are released into the atmosphere during this process. While you should never inhale the powder and should always try to avoid skin contact, powder coating is generally safe for both use and disposal. It’s the eco-friendly painting choice.

If you’re an industrial manufacturer in Indiana, there are many benefits to using powder coating in your painting process. Contact Benchmark Fabricated Steel to provide you with a professional finish that matches the quality of your parts and components.

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