The Importance of Blast Cleaning

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Blast cleaning prepares steel surfaces during custom metal fabrication in Indiana. It works by using particles and compressed air to change the surface and prepare it for further treatment. Depending on the material, we may use sand, glass beads or metal shot and prepare a wet or dry sight. Here are six reasons why blast cleaning is essential:

  • Better coating: Blast cleaning is the precursor to coating metal. Surfaces may develop mill scale, oxide layers and other conditions that leave grooves and nicks, reducing coating effectiveness. By removing blemishes, we can coat steel thoroughly and reduce its vulnerability to corrosion. These conditions preserve steel quality and help it maintain a good surface during construction and manufacturing.
  • Works for all fabrication: All standard steel shapes need blast cleaning. It applies to beams, channels, angles, tubes and pipes, as those always arrive pre-blasted. The fabrication process for gussets, base plates and cleats always starts with blast cleaning, since these are generally weight-bearing items and they must be durable. There are different blast sprayers to accommodate all of these shapes and parts, whether it is to get the particles into tight spots or clean a large surface.
  • Supports paint adhesion: If you are painting steel, blast cleaning is mandatory. Otherwise, you risk peeling paint and corrosion. Rust interferes with paint significantly, and if you trap rust under a paint job, it continues to eat away at the metal surfaces. You want your steel to look good, but you also need it to remain strong. A good blast cleaning will help that happen.
  • Cost effective: Blast cleaning saves on overall costs in two ways. It maintains steel quality, so you do not have to worry about repairs or further complications during the construction process. It is also the quickest and easiest way to clean steel surfaces. Hand and power tool cleaning only meets 30 to 50 percent efficiency, while blast cleaning achieves a thorough 100 percent. Plus, it demands fewer labor costs and is relatively safe when workers wear the correct protective gear.
  • Improved protection: As steel goes through the steps in your construction or manufacturing projects, it undergoes stress that can affect its strength and hardness. The best way to ensure it endures these processes is to clean and coat it. Blast cleaning removes contaminants that may compromise steel as it becomes a final product. The new smoother surface better holds the protective coating, which protects the steel from manufacturing and natural elements.
  • Improved appearance: If you are using steel for building exteriors, gates, fencing or other embellished products, you want it to maintain a presentable look. Blast cleaning removes harmful elements, which can also compromise appearance over the long term. No one wants rusted rails, catwalks or siding. Help ornamental iron keep its appearance by sandblasting, treating and painting it so it stands the test of time.

Benchmark Fabricated Steel offers blast cleaning and custom metal fabrication services in Indiana. We can help you with any architectural project, from design to material selection. Call us today to schedule a consultation and see what we can do for your next building effort.

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