What Is Value Design in Fabrication?

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Value design in the world of fabrication in Indiana is an approach to design that is meant to give the best possible value to customers. All companies look to deliver outstanding value to their customers, but the meaning of “value” in fabrication and design looks different than it does in other types of industries.

Businesses must, of course, find ways to be financially sustainable while delivering outstanding value to their clients. In the world of fabrication and metal engineering, here are a few of the most important considerations to take into account when committing to delivering on value:

  • The specific item or service: What is the product that is being proposed for the fabrication partner?
  • Cost: How much can one reasonably expect the proposed product design to cost? Cost estimates should be provided in as much detail and with as much accuracy as possible.
  • Function: What does the product do, and what is its intended purpose? Don’t even consider the capabilities of the fabrication shop or the OEM here—focus on the product and its intended purpose.
  • Alternative solutions: At this stage, manufacturers should consider the following question: is there a better way? Perhaps there is a simpler way of manufacturing the part or final end product that will accomplish the same goal or intended purpose, one that has not already been considered and ruled out by the client or the fabricator. If there’s something else that would do the job just as well, but at a lower cost, this is a great way to provide value to the customer.
  • Cost of alternative solutions: Again, it’s important to consider the cost of the alternative solutions. If the price point of that alternative solution is higher than the initial design, it might not be worthwhile. But if the alternative solution comes in at a lower price without sacrificing quality, this can be a big deal.

Ultimately, the entire process of value design and engineering is about optimizing costs and reducing potential waste. All parties involved in a project should carefully analyze every aspect of the project to determine which product functions and manufacturing processes are and are not necessary for the resulting product to perform up to its full standards and capabilities while used in the field. Upon completion of this analysis, any non-essential or excessive parts of the product design or manufacturing processes can be eliminated.

This “value design” philosophy might also occasionally be referred to as “lean engineering.” Essentially, less is more, so long as the end results are the same. It creates less cost, less waste and greater overall efficiency, all of which are of tremendous value to the customer.

Interested in learning more about why this approach is so important in the world of metal design and fabrication? We encourage you to contact Benchmark Fabricated Steel to learn more about our approach to steel fabrication design in Indiana. With 50 years of experience in the industry, we strive to remain on the cutting edge when it comes to approaches that provide value to our clients. We look forward to answering any questions you have for us.

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