How Do Girder-Slab Systems Work?

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There are plenty of ways to metaphorically skin a cat when it comes to erecting a mid- or high-rise building. But one of the most popular ways these days is with a Girder-Slab® system. Girder-Slab systems combine a steel frame with pre-cast concrete to create the framework for a building.

The backbone of the system is a large steel beam known as a D-beam girder, which looks like an inverted T. The D-beam is responsible for supporting the concrete slabs and features a large flange at the bottom and a smaller flange on the top. Each beam is cut in a saw-tooth pattern at about eight inches, which is where the concrete slabs are inserted.

Each beam and concrete slab is fabricated off-site and then transported to the construction site, where they’re assembled fairly easily by the construction crew. The steel beams are set in place first, and then the slabs are inserted into the larger bottom flanges of each beam. Grout is poured after the slabs are set to strengthen the structure.

What are the advantages of Girder-Slab systems?

We wouldn’t specialize in Girder-Slab projects if they didn’t have a variety of benefits. These are a few of the biggest advantages of going with a Girder-Slab system:

  • Low floor-to-floor height: The top reason to choose this construction method is that it allows for a lower floor-to-floor height. In other words, a construction team can fit more floors in a high-rise without making the building taller.
  • Streamlined construction: Because the materials essentially fit together like Lincoln Logs, the construction process is a breeze. We can finish construction projects much faster using Girder-Slab technologies, which saves time and money in the long run.
  • Cost effective: Because it’s a more streamlined process, utilizing Girder-Slab systems makes a construction project much less costly without sacrificing quality.
  • Durability: Steel and concrete are two of the most durable materials out there. Buildings erected using the Girder-Slab method are able to withstand all sorts of bad weather and last for decades without exhibiting any structural flaws.
  • Fire resistance: A fire breakout is a major concern for any building owner. Because the structure is built of two flame-resistant materials, an owner won’t have to worry about the building succumbing to a fire.

We’re the go-to team for Girder-Slab projects

While there are quite a few companies out there that are capable of erecting a building using Girder-Slab systems, here are a few reasons to work with the experts at Benchmark Fabricated Steel:

  • Authorized fabricator: As an authorized fabricator of Girder-Slab systems, you can count on us to consistently deliver high-quality materials that’ll stand the test of time.
  • Full-service company: We don’t just specialize in Girder-Slab projects. From building erection to material fabrication, we offer an array of services that are sure to meet your needs.

Don’t waste your time the next time you’re erecting a building—call our pros at Benchmark Fabricated Steel first. Contact us today to get a quote for your project or to learn more about Girder-Slab technologies.

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