Precast Construction Benefits

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Precast steel, precast concrete and girder slab systems are the future of construction. While a lot of concrete is still being poured on-site, using precast concrete in construction is steadily growing more popular. Like the name suggests, precast concrete consists of pre-formed molds or pieces of concrete that can be fitted into place on site when crafting structures.

There are numerous benefits to using girder slab systems, precast concrete and precast steel in precast construction. This article will dive into why you should consider precast construction for your next development project.

Cost effective

Precast concrete offers superior durability to cast-in-place concrete. Because you can buy precast concrete pieces in bulk, you’re also likely to receive a discount when purchasing the materials. Building with precast concrete also requires less labor because the concrete doesn’t need to be poured on-site. When you add up those factors, you can see why using precast concrete is so cost-effective.


Precast concrete has the advantage of time on its side. Unlike pour-in-place concrete, precast concrete can sit and harden for weeks before it is even brought out to the job site. The precast concrete pieces are also tested for strength before they’re allowed to leave the facility, something that can’t be said for cast-in-place concrete, which can only be tested once it’s been poured.


When it comes to construction, strength refers to what a piece of material can support, and durability refers to what it can withstand. In that sense, precast concrete is extremely durable. It can endure the elements, be it sun, rain, snow or wind. If that’s not enough, precast concrete is also resistant to other natural hazards like fire, insects, animals or natural disasters. Precast concrete is designed to stand for decades, with some pieces having lifespans of 100 years or more.


When pouring concrete on-site, there’s a limited number of things you can do with its appearance. That’s not the case with precast concrete. With precast concrete, you can order pieces to be made with any specifications you choose, including texture, color and finish. So, whether you need an oddly-shaped piece of concrete, or desire one that mimics the look of a red brick wall, you can get exactly what you want with precast concrete.

Temperature efficient

If you live in a part of the country where the temperature fluctuates a lot, then having a building material that’s less susceptible to the exterior temperature is a priority. Precast concrete isn’t affected by changes in the temperature outside as much as some other materials. This temperature efficiency means you’ll be able to save money on heating and cooling costs because your HVAC system won’t have to work as hard to maintain a comfortable interior temperature.


If your goal is to reduce noise in your building, then precast concrete is an ideal material to use. It’s dense and tough, and is a prominent choice for commercial buildings in metropolitan and urban areas due to its soundproofing capabilities. It’s also a great material to use for multi-family residential buildings, as it prevents noise from traveling between floors.

Call to learn more about precast construction

Whether it’s precast steel, precast concrete or girder slab systems, precast construction is a marvel of modern infrastructure. If you’re interested in precast construction, get in touch with Benchmark Fabricated Steel. We design, manufacture and erect commercial, industrial and institutional buildings, and we’re certified by the American Institute of Steel Construction. Give us a call today to talk to our experts about building your dream structure.

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