Why Choose Galvanized Metal?

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Choosing a metal for a product you’re making or a building you’re constructing is an important decision. You want metal that is durable and fits with your project’s budget. There are a wide range of metals available on the market with different benefits and disadvantages.

Let’s take a look at some of the top FAQs on how galvanized metal can work for your business’s needs.

What is galvanized metal?

This metal is coated with zinc in a variety of methods such as electrogalvanizing, pre-galvanizing and hot dipping. All of this is done to prevent corrosion and rusting on an iron or steel structure. Applying zinc to steel is referred to as galvanization, a process invented in the 19th century. Since then, a wide range of application processes have been devised to improve galvanization.

What does galvanized steel look like?

It’s clear that a metal is galvanized when it has what’s referred to as a spangle pattern. This appears as if someone had sponge-painted the metal using gray paint. You’ll note that the metal is covered in darker and lighter spots, just as it would be if it was sponge-painted.

What are the different methods of galvanizing?

There are several common methods of applying galvanized coating, including:

  • Mechanical plating: This method uses zinc powder, glass beads and a reducing agent which all coat the metal sheet. This bonds the zinc particles to the sheet’s surface.
  • Zinc electroplating: In this technique, a steel sheet is dipped into a zinc ion mixture. An electrical current passes through the sheet, thereby spreading the zinc ion solution evenly.
  • Zinc metal spray: This method utilizes a zinc powder spray that is applied by a plasma flame gun.
  • Sherardizing: This takes a heated metal sheet and passes it through a zinc powder. Due to the high temperatures, the zinc and steel molecules diffuse.
  • Continuous strip galvanizing: This technique involves a metal strip or wire being passed through a molten zinc solution at a high speed with controlled air pumping. The result is that the zinc coat is applied to the metal sheet.

What are the benefits of galvanizing metal?

If you’re looking for long-lasting, tough metal for your product or building, then galvanizing is the way to go. That’s because the zinc on the surface of the metal will rust or corrode—that means that the layer beneath (the metal itself) will remain intact. As the zinc rusts or corrodes, it prevents the metal beneath it from being affected by the rust process.

Slowing down rust and corrosion will extend the lifespan of your metal. Zinc can last more than fifty years, meaning you won’t have to coat your metal again for a long time.

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