What Kind of Products Can Be Made With Metal Fabrication?

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Whether you are in the business sector or a homeowner, you likely have come across the term metal fabrication more than a couple of times. If you haven’t already taken advantage of metal fabrication, you are missing out on the numerous benefits of metal fabricated products. Here’s an insight into metal fabrication and all the products that can be made from it.

When Did Metal Fabrication Start? 

Metal fabrication has been around for millennia since ancient man discovered copper and started shaping it into crude tools. During the Bronze Age, the art of metal fabrication greatly advanced as people mixed various metals to create stronger tools, weapons, and armor. The next significant advancement in metal fabrication came with the emergence of the Industrial Revolution, as industries were able to fabricate metal items much faster. Today, metal fabrication plays a significant role in everyone’s life globally. Over the last couple of decades, automation of metal fabrication has made metal items significantly cheaper. 

The Process of Metal Fabrication

You are likely asking yourself- how do you produce custom metal parts? The metal fabrication process has two primary sections: the removal process and the deformation process. The former involves the manufacturer cutting a piece of material from a fabrication sheet using machining, blanking, punching, shearing, or nibbling. The latter comprises taking the 2-D removed piece of metal and transforming it into a 3-D item for the purpose it was intended. The deformation process is done through various methods like bending, spinning, forming, and deep drawing. 

What Is a Fabrication Sheet?

A fabrication sheet is the sheet of metal that donates part of it to be used in the fabrication process. Many fabrication sheet material options are available, depending on what you want to create. The most common options are; 

  • Black iron sheet: It has a thin oxide coat that offers medium-range rusting protection and is typically used to fabricate items that need painting.
  • Galvanized sheet metal: It has a zinc coating that offers excellent rust protection and is very malleable. 
  • Stainless steel sheet: It contains high-grade steel and nickel plus chromium additives and is corrosion resistant. 

Common Products Made Through Metal Fabrication

  • Most metal utensils are made with metal donated by a stainless steel sheet
  • Most buildings have stainless steel fittings
  • Metal spiral staircases
  • Agricultural equipment, including machinery and tools
  • The majority of the metal medical equipment
  • Infrastructure like bridges have fabricated metal fittings
  • House appliances
  • Transportation like airplanes, trucks, and bicycles

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