Catwalk Mezzanine Systems Role in Industrial Safety

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Steel catwalks and steel mezzanine construction systems have played a vital role in the operation and capabilities of the entire industrial, construction, and manufacturing industries. More importantly, however, they have also played a significant role in safety.

Steel Catwalks

If you have been in any type of manufacturing plant or warehouse, the chances are good you have seen them. Those seemingly floating walkways up by the rafters. Yet as free and high as they appear, you notice only steel and cage all around them.

Those are steel catwalks you are looking at, and they provide a variety of useful functions. In many cases, machinery and other systems (e.g., conveyors, valve switches) are located out of reach. While there are many good reasons for this, and sometimes just because of the sheer size of the objects and machines, there is no safe way to work on, get to, or reach these areas.

That is also where the value and use of steel mezzanine construction options like steel catwalks make all the difference. Yes, these avenues of access make repairs quicker and allow companies more efficient operations, but safety is first and foremost for everyone.

Steel Catwalks and Safety

Without catwalks, not only would it be vastly more difficult to do many of the required tasks in these environments, it would be less safe too. Instead of having easy access and secure footing, ladders, harnesses, and other less stable and less preferred options would be required.

That would do much more than slow production, delay repairs, and increase costs, but it would also present a much greater risk for staff, employees, and maintenance personnel. Today, we typically take the convenience of steel catwalks for granted. We also rarely stop to consider the immense safety value they provide and the role they truly play in industrial safety.

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