Why Use Castellated Beams?

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What are castellated beams? Castellated beams are used to cover long distances while utilizing a lightweight section. It is a beam style where an I-beam is subjected to a longitudinal cut along its web following a certain pattern. There are many advantages to using castellated beams. Continue reading to find out what they are.

Advantages of Using Castellated Beams

Where do I find castellated beams? What are the benefits of using them? Here is all the information you need to know.

Offers Durability

Castellated beams are not a new invention. They were first used in the 20th century. While at first, there was only one pattern, modern innovations in this type of construction material have enabled the production of many different patterns to be formed.

The process of constellation consists of making a zigzag incision on a section of a beam that is rolled. The other half is then turned and seamed. The height and depth of the resulting beam will then be increased after the two patterns are joined. They can then be used for many different construction purposes.

The stiffness of the beam is increased without having to make any changes to the weight of the material.


Even though castellated beams were produced by cutting up a zigzag pattern on the rolled section of the beam, modern innovations have enabled the production of castellated beams to come in a variety of shapes. Now castellated beams exist with rectangular, circular, and even sinusoidal openings. The other rolled section is still attached in the same way via welding, even though many varieties exist.

This is the main reason why this material has been utilized in a variety of construction projects, including rafters, pipe bridges, and stainless steel parking.


Another main advantage of using castellated beams is that they are more cost-efficient. One of the goals of major construction companies is to avoid overspending on their budget. Many reasons may be attributed to undesirable outcomes, such as using expensive materials or using materials that are of low quality, resulting in structural instability.

However, all of these situations can be easily avoided if castellated beams are used, which are considered cost-efficient materials.


Castellated beams contain a lightweight property which is yet another advantage for companies that choose to use them. Castellated beams are derived from components inherent within themselves. Therefore, there are no requirements for applying complicated chemical manipulation.

Even though it is lightweight, it doesn’t take away from the material’s strength.

The lightweight material combined with an increased level of stability can equal a structure that is more sought after in various construction projects.

This guide has listed some of the many benefits of using castellated beams in construction projects. They are durable, cost-efficient, and versatile. These are some of the reasons why they have been utilized widely for many years.

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