Types of Woven Wire Fabric

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Woven wire mesh is an important material that is used in many different types of industrial applications. As an extremely versatile material, it is literally all around us. When it is time to choose wire mesh products, it is important that you are aware of the different options available to you. Woven wire mesh products can get complicated once you start comparing welded wire sizes and welded wire fabric area of steel. This quick guide will provide you with some basic wire mesh information to get you started.

What Is Wire Mesh?

Wire mesh is a strong material that is made from interweaving smaller strips or wires of metal. The types of wire mesh are usually categorized by the weave type. The weave type also helps determine which types of applications the mesh will be best suited for.

There are two main types of wire mesh. These are square mesh and filter cloth. Although both of these are considered to be wire mesh, they are differentiated according to their differences and applications. Let’s look at each type individually, to help you better understand which type of wire mesh is best for your particular applications.

Square Mesh

If the weave and wires of the mesh are identical, the weave is considered to be square mesh. This is a simple form of wire mesh that features a simple over-under pattern. This type of wire mesh is used in a multitude of industrial applications. It does not always have the same strength as other types of mesh, so it may be limited in some uses. It is important to carefully research exactly what type of mesh you need for projects and applications.

Filter Cloth

Filter cloth, also sometimes called minimesh, features a highly engineered pattern. These patterns are designed to have greater specifications as well as increased mechanical strength. It is considered stronger than square mesh and is used in many ways that square mesh cannot be used.

Filter cloth is often used for filtration purposes when accuracy is important. In fact, this type of wire mesh has been used for over 100 years in filtration applications.

Because of its high level of performance, filter cloth or minimesh is often more expensive than square mesh.

When produced accurately, filter cloths can be used to process particle sizes from 319-7um.

One of the driving costs in creating minimesh is the materials that are used. Often stainless steel is the preferred material. When stainless steel is not the best option, filter cloth can also be made from nickel, carbon steel, aluminum, and others.

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