Why Choose Domestic Fabrication vs. Off Shore

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Choosing a product manufacturing location is a crucial part of your business plan. When choosing between domestic or overseas, many factors must be considered. You will need to take a serious inventory of the pros and cons of both options to make a decision that will produce the best ROI for your company and stay aligned with your core values.

Like any other product manufacturing, steel fabrication has the distinct benefits of home production. This quick guide will look at the benefits of domestic steel fabrication.

Pros of Local Steel Manufacturing

There are several benefits to using a local manufacturer in any industry, but most especially in the steel industry. These benefits often far outweigh any negatives or cons.

Better communication – When you work with domestic manufacturing partners, you can ensure more straightforward and quicker communication. Working with overseas or foreign manufacturers will often bring with it communication difficulties. Trying to overcome language and cultural barriers can cut productivity while wasting your time and money. Remember, communication breakdowns can be costly.

Better labor standards – When you work with partners based in your home country, you know the labor standards used. You can keep a better watch on how your products are being produced to ensure that the labor practices values align with your company’s values.

Better for reputation – Your public reputation as a company will depend highly on your manufacturing practices. You want to ensure that you are working with partners that align with your goals, company culture, and values. This is especially important if your customers choose your products based on these factors.

Better-made products – Most customers will have a deeply held belief that a product produced domestically is of higher quality. This is an important factor that you will want to be able to sell to your customers.

Better fulfillment times – Because your products are being produced in your home country, you can rely on quicker fulfillment times. There will be no wasted time on long transportation overseas.

Better shipping costs – Closely related to the previous point, you can also enjoy better shipping rates when you are dealing domestically as well.

Better payment options – Paying is also easier when dealing with a domestic company. Payments are simple and streamlined when everyone is on the same currency.

Better watch on production – You will also have the option of keeping eyes and ears on the manufacturers. When a company is close by or local, it is easier to keep track of its practices to ensure they align with your goals.

Better IP Security – US companies will be bound by the same IP security laws, making keeping your intellectual property safe easier.

It is easy to see the many benefits of having your steel products manufactured domestically right here at home. 

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