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How Reinforced Concrete Protects Against Natural Forces

September 4, 2020 11:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

In the world of modern construction, two materials reign supreme: steel and concrete. These two powerful ingredients combine to create some of the most breath-taking buildings in the world. A clever architect and designer working in the medium of concrete and steel can truly accomplish wonders. When combined, these two ingredients are unbeatable and come with an enormous variety of practical benefits. Paired steel and concrete are known in the industry as reinforced concrete, and the possible reinforced concrete uses in Indiana are numerous. Read on to learn more about the possibilities! What is reinforced concrete? Reinforced concrete was first... View Article

The Risks of Building a High Rise

August 21, 2020 11:22 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When most of us think about high rises, our minds inevitably turn to the 60-, 70- and 80-story buildings that tower above most urban areas. In fact, when the world’s first skyscraper, Chicago’s Home Insurance Building, was erected in 1885, it topped out at a whopping 10 stories, rising roughly 138 feet above the ground. Despite modern architects’ ability to create mammoth buildings that literally scrape against the sky, the current definition of a high rise is any building taller than seven stories. That may not sound like a lot, but whether you’re working on the eighth story or the... View Article

What Type of Crane Systems Are There?

August 12, 2020 5:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

As you plan your construction project, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the many types of crane systems. This will help you choose the best option for your application. So, what types of cranes are there in Indiana? Following are the seven most common cranes you can choose from for your next project. Mobile crane This type of crane is made of a telescopic boom that is connected to a mobile platform. Operators can raise or lower the boom by controlling cables or cylinders. The platform can be on a truck or can be a wheeled mobile platform. This type... View Article

The Most Important Part of Steel Fabrication Is…

July 29, 2020 5:53 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Expertise. The steel fabrication process in Indiana requires expertise to get the job done right. For each process in steel fabrication, there is a specific skill set that a technician needs to complete it. Here’s an overview of what is involved in the steel fabrication process. To connect with an expert in the industry, contact your local metal and steel service provider. What is steel fabrication? This process is the act of cutting, bending and shaping steel to create a finished product. Technicians combine various pieces of steel to manufacture structures and objects that range in size and shape across... View Article

What You Should Know About the Safety Risks Associated with Taller Steel Buildings

July 13, 2020 10:21 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Skyscrapers are one of those inventions that can still give you pause no matter how many you’ve seen. They are wonders of architecture, engineering and construction, and their presence in so many of our greatest cities is a point of pride. In the past, they were a dangerous thing to build, but decades of advancements have made construction ever safer. However, they’re still not quite risk-free. Buildings are more complex than ever, as the infrastructure needed to make them hum becomes more and more complicated. When we talk about taller steel building safety risks in Indiana, we are really talking... View Article