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Why Professional Project Design Matters for Steel Construction in Indiana

September 4, 2018 9:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Every construction project has multiple phases that are extremely important in creating a high-quality finished product. Deficiencies at any of these stages could result in trouble occurring down the road. While in the pre-construction phase, you won’t find many processes more important than project design. You might hear the word “design” and think it solely refers to the aesthetics of your project. However, this simply isn’t true—design takes into account every single aspect of the project to ensure it will be built well with the correct materials, measurements and specifications at every point along the way. Being too hasty or... View Article

The Benefits of Steel Construction in Indiana

August 21, 2018 9:23 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Do you have an upcoming building project? You are likely considering what sorts of materials you’ll be using during the course of the project, which will include a full-on cost comparison between the various types of materials. Steel remains one of the most popular building materials and a powerful way for contractors and owners alike to save money and ensure a durable, long-lasting, high-quality result. With this in mind, here are a few of the biggest benefits of steel construction in Indiana: Environmentally friendly: Structural steel has long been considered the world’s premier green construction material. Its use helps to... View Article

10 Things You Should Be Asking Your Structural Engineer

August 1, 2018 8:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Do you have a new project on your calendar? Are you ready to get started? Don’t launch your endeavor before asking the right questions about steel construction in Indiana. Prior to diving into the project, you should have open discussions with your structural engineer about several aspects of the job. These conversations should be prompted by several important questions. When starting a new project, be sure to ask your structural engineer the following. 1. What is your experience? The answer to this should match the type of project you have in mind. While experience in the field is necessary, it’s... View Article

What You Should Look for When Hiring a Professional Structural Engineer

July 18, 2018 8:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What project is on your calendar? Is steel construction in Indiana in your future? If so, you’ll need a reputable structural engineer to handle your endeavor. This project will be a significant investment of time, money and other resources, so you want to ensure you hire the best engineer possible. How can this be done? As you consider professional structural engineers, look for the following qualities. If a contractor does not offer these must-haves, find someone else who does. Experience Look for more than just the number of years they’ve spent in the industry. Does the professional offer experience in... View Article

How to Protect Your Steel Against Corrosion

July 13, 2018 7:44 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

What is the greatest threat to a steel structure? The answer is corrosion. About 85 percent of all steel is carbon steel, which means it is more susceptible to oxidization, or rusting. Left unprotected and susceptible to the elements, carbon steel often shows oxidization within a matter of a few days. As steel oxidizes, the integrity of the metal is affected, which in turn affects the quality and strength of the product or structure the steel was used to build. Several factors contribute to the corrosion of steel, including humidity, temperature, pollution and rainfall. The corrosion rate of steel can... View Article