The Stages of Planning a Construction Project

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Homeowners easily become overwhelmed with the idea of launching a new construction project because they don’t know where to start. The best approach is to collaborate with a general contractor from Indiana who has experience with building similar projects in the past. Your contractor will guide you through the following stages of pre-construction.

The client’s vision

The first stage of pre-construction is an initial meeting between the contractor and the client. The client provides a general overview of their vision for the project and goals that should be met along the way. During this phase, concrete details are not set in stone. The purpose is to make sure both contractor and client are on the same page regarding how the finished product should look.

Scope of work

Next, the contractor begins planning a more detailed scope of work. This involves creating a step-by-step plan of which tasks are necessary for completing the project and in which order. While drafting the scope of work, the contractor must consider which building materials are needed, how to execute tasks and which subcontractors from Indiana will join the construction team. The scope of work must be flexible to accommodate for speed bumps that will inevitably crop up along the way.

Budget estimates

The scope of work and budget are usually planned simultaneously because they closely affect each other. Either a client’s strict budget might call for changes in the initial project plan, or the contractor will propose a larger budget to accommodate the project’s needs. Whatever the case may be, the initial budget is very tentative and bound to fluctuate throughout the stages of pre-construction.


A timeline is created when the contractor and client establish start and end dates for the project. They set checkpoints at regular intervals to make sure the whole construction team is on target to complete the project on time. As with all the other stages of planning, the timeline must allow for some wiggle room in case shipping gets delayed or bad weather puts construction on hold.


Once the budget is finalized, an architect can begin drafting initial blueprints. This is where the client finally gets to see their vision come to life. He or she will review the architect’s drawings and suggest changes as necessary. Both work closely together to ensure the finished product is exactly how the client envisioned it. For this reason, the blueprints will continuously evolve in the planning phases.

Building permits

Before construction workers can break ground, the contractor must acquire building permits from city officials in Indiana. The team has to receive permission so they know the building site has been approved for construction. The types of building permits needed will vary depending on the project. Once they’ve acquired the necessary permits, the construction team can begin their work.

In order to see your project come to fruition, you need a team of contractors that respects your vision and will execute the appropriate steps in a punctual, cost-efficient manner. The structural steel experts at Benchmark Fabricated Steel will assist you with the initial planning phase, the final product and everything in between. Check out our full range of design services to get started!

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